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Edibility of Inocybe sp.


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Hello, friends.

I have a question about inocybes - do you know edible inocybe species and do you recommend to pick and to eat them?

In our local books about fungi in Israel all the inocybes are marked as poisonous or non-edible.

(Inocybe perlata, pyriodora, fastigiata, bongardii, gausapata, lucifuga, adaequata, etc...)


It is written there, that most of the inocybe species contain muscarin or psylocibin and are definitely toxic.

But some people, that write on our Israely forum, claim, that they often pick and eat some of inocybes (it appears, that they confuse them with edible tricholomas), and have no intoxication after that.

For example, a lot of people already told, they pick this kind of suspect mushroom (which looks like Inocybe Hirtella or something).



(Ciao, amici.

Ho una domanda su inocybes - sai le specie commestibili Inocybe e ti consigliamo di scegliere e di mangiarli?

Nei nostri libri di locali su funghi in Israele tutti i inocybes sono contrassegnati come tossici o non commestibili.

(Perlata Inocybe, pyriodora, fastigiata, bongardii, gausapata, lucifuga, adaequata, ecc ..)


È scritto lì, che la maggior parte delle specie di Inocybe contengono muscarin o psylocibin e sono decisamente tossici.

Ma alcune persone, che scrivono sul nostro forum Israely, sostengono, che spesso cogliere e mangiare alcune delle inocybes (a quanto pare, che si confondono con tricholomas commestibili), e non hanno alcuna intossicazione dopo.

Ad esempio, un sacco di gente già detto, hanno scelto questo tipo di fungo sospetto (che assomiglia a Inocybe Hirtella o qualcosa del genere). )





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As far as I know the majority of the Inocybe species defined as mushrooms with suspected or proved toxicity or not edible.

This is the edibility rule of some Italian species of Inocybe, reported in some mushrooms guides:

I. terrigena: suspected toxicity

I. jurana: edible but of poor quality

I. rimosa: toxic

I. bongardii: toxic

I. cervicolor: suspected toxicity

I. calamistrata: suspected toxicity

I. piriodora: suspected toxicity

I. geophylla: toxic

I. godey: suspected toxicity

I. mixtilis: suspected toxicity

I. asterospora: toxic

I. patouillardii: toxic

I. corydalina: suspected toxicity

I. tenebrosa: suspected toxicity

I. dulcamara: suspected toxicity

I. fibrosa: suspected toxicity

I. sambucina: suspected toxicity

I. umbratica: suspected toxicity

I. praetervisa: suspected toxicity

I. grammata: suspected toxicity

I. lanuginosa: suspected toxicity

I. petiginosa: suspected toxicity

I. fuscidula: suspected toxicity

I. nitidiuscula: suspected toxicity

I. fastigiata: toxic

I. lacera: toxic

I. pisciodora: suspected toxicity

I. bresadolae: suspected toxicity

I. cookei: suspected toxicity

I. pisciodora: suspected toxicity

I. oblectabilis: suspected toxicity

I. cincinnata: suspected toxicity

I. griseolilacina: suspected toxicity

I. pusio: suspected toxicity

I. heimii: suspected toxicity

I. hystrix: suspected toxicity

I. terrifera: suspected toxicity.

Therefore we agree with the data reported in the Israeli mushroom books and we cannot suggest you to collect and eat any species of Inocybe.

In the mycological guides and books Inocybe hirtella is reported as toxic mushrooms with muscarinic syndrome.

In any case let me informed if one o more people eat a well identified (with spore microscopy) Inocybe without reporting any toxic symptom.

The information can be useful to some our friends autors of mushrooms guides.

Best regards.


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Many thanks, Piero, for such a thorough and detailed answer.

You marked Inocybe Jurana as an edible inocybe - now I understand, how several people, that reported, that they eat mushrooms, that looked like Inocybe Jurana in description, stayed well after that.

Nevertheless, I would not recommend to pick inocybes, as there is danger to confuse the edible one with some poisonous.

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Beware the Inocybe are all alike.

I repeat the Inocybes must be considered not edible!!


Attenzione le Inocybe sono tutte simili.


Ripeto le Inocybe devono essere considerate non commestibili!!

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Beware the Inocybe are all alike.

I repeat the Inocybes must be considered not edible!!


Attenzione le Inocybe sono tutte simili.


Ripeto le Inocybe devono essere considerate non commestibili!!

You are right. Even when a person claims, that he eats "exactly these mushrooms!" and feels well after that - it can be, that he's just mistaken, and this is another species of mushrooms.


(Hai ragione. Anche quando una persona sostiene che mangia "esattamente questi funghi!" e si sente bene dopo che - si può, che ha appena sbagliato, e questa è un'altra specie di funghi.)

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