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Ciao. :bye1:


One nice amanita... maybe strobiliformis??

I 'm not sure. Two days after picked the cap opens and reveal a ring more like echinocephala.


Grazie a tutti. Ciao. :bye1:



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I'm starting to believe more on Amanita echinocephala.

Can someone confirm, please?

Thanks Grazie


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valida bianca :smile: :smile:


ciao Alfredo


ma se allora usciamo dalla sezione Lepidella , preferirei dire Amanita francheti var. lactella.




.p.s. : rimango in attesa dei leucocoprinei :friends:

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thanks 4 all.

I have the exicata and i'm going to do the spores picture.

Just give me 10 minutes.. :friends:

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escluderei A. gracilior perchè il gambo non è radicante - fittonante.


Escludo codinae= vittadini perchè la morfologia dei resti di velo sul gambo è totalmente diversa.


Ciao a tutti.


Per Alfy : anche la varietà/forma albella ha quel colore.



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Thank for all.


I can give more details.

Two days after the white cuticula was darker turning pale brownish grey.

The spore print was white. The volva has turn more cilindrical also.

I going to post 2 exicata pictures. One of them has one arrow showing the ring still there with ornamentation.. and the darkening on cap.

So for me there is a chance to be A. vittadinii or A strobiliformis i just keep intrigued with the orange scales on the volva...


ciao a tutti

obrigado :smilies90:



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